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    Clan BR M4F14 recruits Zaken's players

    M4F14 Líder/Leader
    M4F14 Líder/Leader

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    Clan BR M4F14 recruits Zaken's players

    Post by Afrodity on 14/6/2017, 17:30

    Hello everyone!

    The M4f14 is an old clan BR, formed by friends of legendary versions of the lineage II, acts like C4, Interlude, etc .... Today we have several friends who usually play at the night, and we are a clan PVE, we have Clan Hall, we Do fortress, Epic's Boss, Daily, and we use TS3, We have a Good Fórum, site, and a group in the Whatapp and Facebook for all friends with M4f14 Clan. It will be an honor to receive players coming from Zaken, contact via e-mail with one of our administrators at Chronos, lLancelotl, Holyscreamer, Afrodity! Welcome to our Chronos server!


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