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    Welcome adventurer... please, tell us who you are before any admin accept you in clan

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    Welcome adventurer... please, tell us who you are before any admin accept you in clan Empty Welcome adventurer... please, tell us who you are before any admin accept you in clan

    Post by PetterGriffin on 23/7/2016, 21:19

    Hi everyone!

    M4F14 is a Lineage II PVE CLAN on the server Chronos - Application via our forum is mandatory and we will consider all applications, even if you have a acc with low lvl character or if you're new in game

    Here is our clan officers that can help you and talk to you about join in clan (GMT -3):
    AFRODITY (our main english spokesman)
    holyscreamer (M4F14 official healer)
    Lancelott (main leader)
    PetterGriffin (me '¬¬_)
    sanmon (Quick death)

    On week we usually play and make some events at night, about 7:00pm till 11:00pm but the players and yours CP's, can play at any time of the day, but for EPICS and Special raids we need to all login in same time, but for this case we will inform all before, about the event. On weekends, we usualy do some special, but all information about the vents will be post in this forum.

    Our primary language : English - We Speak English in Clan chat and Ally Chat - on TS we have rooms in English and Portuguese, but in game is mandatory speak english language.

    Actual Minimum Recruitment level: Openned for all levels

    Our game is fun, decent people, 18+, fair game play, hassle avoidance and we encourage all our members to selflessly help out clannies wherever possible with buffs and groups! All clan raids are pre bookable on our forum. Clan raids are, Istina, Octavis, Balok, Ekimus, Epic Istina, Epic Octavis, Tauti and Epic Tauti.

    We use TeamSpeak 3 which helps to find parties. We strongly encourage all members to use TeamSpeak 3 to inspire a much better sense of community and help people get to know each other better and to get parties easily. We have english and portuguese rooms.

    A successful clan is based completely on the sum of its members. By that we mean the positive input by everyone to be part of a team and put forward that little bit of effort to help someone, form a party, log on for key events, volunteer to organize something etc.

    Lastly, just to make it clear: cheating includes any third party software, adena buying, etc. It’s L2, so there is no safe spot where people can xp afk. It’s not the question whether people get caught or not. It’s just a question of the moment it happens. If you cannot play without cheating, please do yourself and us a favor and don’t apply to M4f14.

    =-=-=-=-=-=-=-==-=-=-=- CLAN RULES =-=-=-=-=-=-=-==-=-=-=

    1.Racist comments of any kind (gender, ethnicity etc. based) are neither welcome nor tolerated.

    2.M4F14 does NOT allow botting or ebaying ( RMT ) of any kind. The moment we find you bot or ebaying ( RMT ) you are out, no explanations given.

    3.We are an international clan with many ethnicities. Clan & Ally chat must be in English language. If you want to speak in your own language use pm's on game or enter in TS and enter in your language room

    4.Respect & politeness for fellow clan members is unquestionable and expected by all. Be civilized and use your common sense. Disputes between clan/ally members can be solved with leader/officer intervention. Blocking fellow clan members is not an accepted practice. It hinders clan communication and creates an uncooperative clan environment

    5.Use of mild profanity is not forbidden, as long as it is for fun and does not disrespect others. The majority of players are 18+, we are not a nursing school but keep in mind that what you say reflects on M4F14 as a whole

    6.Scamming is NOT an accepted tactic that we want our members to use. We do not allow our members to pay for power leveling, we cite that your main's level should be the sum of your own hard work

    7.PVP engagement with one sided wars best be avoided. We are a PVE clan. If you start a war on purpose be prepared to either buy the Epaulettes to end it or be kicked from clan. This will be at the officers discretion. When partying with PVP clan members do not party defend. Their wars are not M4F14's problem and we do not take part unless it is in our strategic interest.

    8.Partying for dailies with clan/ally is strongly encouraged. Helps avoid unwanted mishaps and strengthens clan/ally ties.

    9.USE of TeamSpeak 3 and M4F14 Forum is mandatory for participation in important raids. Even if it is only to listen. Short, unless you log on TeamSpeak or sign for raids,don't expect a party/cc invite.

    10.Standard practice for raid drops is to be sold and proceeds split between raid participants through in game mail. Exceptions can be made for items that can be used to strengthen the clan and help in achieving its' goals. If a clan member wants to buy an item gets a discount from current AH price. More if participating in the raid that dropped the item.

    11.Placement in main clan roster or knight units is done solely upon leader's discretion and always to help achieve clan goals. It is NOT a personal status symbol and it is not open to discussion

    12.Open Raid Bosses Etiquette - If you arrive at an open field boss and there is aready a group partially or fully assembled before you, either join their CC with their acceptance or move on to another boss. Buffing open raid bosses and pking at raid bosses could result in automatic kick from clan.

    Final information ~~~~* An officer will contact you once 48 hours has passed to allow clannies their say on your application* ~~~~

    1.To apply to the clan you have to complete the registration.
    2.All fields must be completed for your application to be accepted.
    3.After you sent the application you will no longer be able to change it so be as detailed as possible.
    4.After you sent the application, it will be visible for our recruitment officers and clan members.

    =-=-=-=-=-=-=-==-=-=-=-  M4F14 Application Page =-=-=-=-=-=-=-==-=-=-=

    How to Post an Application:

    Select text of the application right click on your mouse select copy
    Top of your web page select back
    Select New Topic
    Enter username
    Enter Topic
    Right click with your mouse and paste application:

    1. What is the name of your main character?
    2. Have you changed your characters name? If so what was name of toon?
    3. What date was your character created? (you can find this info by typing /mybirthday in-game)
    4.What is the class of your main character?
    5. What level is your main character?
    6. Are you noble or Exalted or not noble?
    7. What is the class of your dual character?
    8. What level is your dual character?
    9. Do you have any sub classes?
    10. Has this character changed server?
    11. What country are you from?
    12. What time zone do you play in?
    13. Are you 18 years of age or older?
    14. Do you have any friends or someone who has referenced you in clan?
    15. How long have you known them for?
    16. In which clans have you been before?
    17. What was your reason for leaving?
    18. Do you prefer PvE or PvP?
    19. Will you attend to sieges?
    20. Will you use TeamSpeak during clan activities?
    21. Why do you want to join the clan?
    22. What are your expectations if you join the clan?
    23. Other information you want to share? (not required)

    Lastly on applying to M4F14 you agree with the Clan Rules stated above and have read our M4F14 Clan Introduction

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